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Norsk (Bokmål) Ordbok, 1.1

The iOS App that is a great Norwegian language reference.

Norsk (Bokmål) Ordbok iOS,iPhone,iPod touch in the AppStore

Available on the App Store :-)

Works without an Internet connection

Norsk Ordbok is more than a Norwegian dictionary App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it is the only Norwegian (Bokmål) language dictionary you will ever need again. If you own this dictionary, you will have access to a wealth of information on the Norwegian (Bokmål) Language. Download this app and tap the knowledge of Wiktionary, anywhere. Avoid paying crazy roaming charges and use it when you are abroad. Need to study on that plane ride to Bangcock? Not sure about the sketchy Internet connection on the train ride to your holiday getaway? Plan ahead, download it now! The App features bookmarking articles so you can recall articles faster. We didn't waste precious screen space with advertisements, his App is Ad-Free and features a clean interface.

Works on your iPhone and iPad. Two Apps in One!

This is a Universal App. So, when you buy it on one device or your computer, it is automatically available for all devices that are registered with that iTunes Account. If you have an iPhone and and iPad for example, you would get two copies of the App if you "buy" it once.

Extensive International Language Support

Utilize the gargantuan lever of language support of the iOS. This App supports all the keyboards and nearly all languages of iOS. You can choose between dozens of keyboards and languages through settings on your device. Access "In-keyboard" features such as adding diacritic marks on letters by tap-and-holding a letter on the keyboard. *Language availability is also based on the iOS version of your device, check the version of your device with Apple to verify language availability

Search Ariticles by Title

Search article titles which have been unicode normalized making it unnecessary to add diacritic marks above letters. For example "a" would return the same results as "å". This is an essential feature for quick searching. Searches are executed in lightning fast time. Don't be slowed down by the internet, nothing is more frusterating than waiting for your App!

Complete Wiktionary Articles

Wiktionary is a reservoir of language information. The combined knowledge of its creators includes but is not limited to Translations, Etymology, Classification, Translations, Synonyms, Antonyms, Anagrams, Pronunciation Guide, Related Word Forms, Example Uses,Derived Terms, Verb Declensions, and References. *Audio pronunciations not included

Track your favorite articles

Quickly access articles that you need to reference repeatedly by adding words to a personalized list of favorited words. Articles are marked with an elegant star. Quickly access your favorite words through the easy to use interface.

Additional Features List