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Deutsch Wörterbuch, 1.2

Deutsch Wörterbuch App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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DE is a gigantic German language dictionary that works without an internet connection. Words and definitions are curated from the German Wiktionary project. Download it now and get the basic functionality free. If you like the App, contribute towards our hard work with an In-App purchase.

This App features a subtle and elegant interface, a vast database and powerful usability functions. Included at no cost is a search of over 30 thousand of the German language's most common words.

Other beneficial capabilities include bookmarks, go to a random word feature from the menu or device shake, change the text size with the pinch gesture and Tap and hold to search for the selected text from the quick context menu.

Unlock the full potential of the App with the In-App purchase. With the Link Search capability one can search by translations and related words. The word index view shows an indexed list of all the words in the dictionary, touch the indexed letter to quickly jump to words beginning with that character. The settings function controls the appearance of the App.

This contains a fair amount of data so if disk space is a concern for you, please review the total App size in the App Store before downloading.

Thanks for your interest in DE. We think it is the best offline German dictionary App in the App Store.